Date with Aviation Destiny

Aviator style jacket: Andrew Marc, thrifted
Mesh Rose Top: American Appare
Denim Skirt: cK, vintage
Tights: BFF mail gift 

I was particularly pouty on this day, it started when I couldn't find anything to wear, then I settled on this and felt kinda cute, until I got into the City and it started snowing. 
On the plus side, these awesome tights came in the mail along with a little jewel from my BFF in Houston.  The book is titled "Night of a Thousand Boyfriends" a date with destiny adventure!  Choose your own adventure books were always my favorite as a kid, I really want someone to start an adult choose your own adventure series, it would do so phenomenal.  Please, anyone out there who can actually write, consider doing this.  When you become a famous, multi-millionaire, NY Times Best Selling author just mention my little blog and that's all I need in return for the great idea.  ;)

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  1. Awesome outfit! I love it. I also love that you got your BFF a vintage young adult novel! I make these "care packages" for my bestie, in which I always include one of these. The only catch is that I spend an 40 minutes while watching a tv show going through every page with a red pen, crossing out a word or phrase and replacing it with whatever expletive I have chosen for that book. Like "Fuck you!" or "Balls." I highly recommend it.