Before stumbling upon No-Lugar, which roughly translates to a "no-where", I was punch drunk from the warm golden sunshine that greeted me in Sevilla, the first I had seen in almost a week, plus I was a little drunk (opps) from an afternoon enjoying wine, tapas and people watching, but neither of those could compare to the elation I had walking into this magical store of art and fashion.

I was greeted by loads of color and Stax tunes DJ'd by the owner, Alvaro; it was an amuse bouche for the eyes and ears.  Design, upcycled, thrifted, and one of a kinds in fashion, art and decor were arranged by color story, making the store very shopable.

First and foremost, fashion/style/color are my thing that I have made my career, so let's face it, I'm never not shopping. Every outing, trip, or vacation, local and worldwide, I am taking in what people are wearing, how they wear it, what stores are selling, displays, prices, print advertisments, commercials... and No-Lugar is my favorite place ever. 

I knew it was my favorite place within the first 30 seconds and when I came back the next day to take photos I still felt the same way.  While browsing, I wanted to live in a space just like this, it was aspriational; but as I zoned in on particular items of interest, I could immediatly see it seemlessly fitting into my life.  Designers and stores strive for this mix of aspiration and familarity, it makes people open up their wallet.  In a town that is in the middle of no-where on the fashion map, No-Lugar nailed this mix.


The No-Lugar owner also owns a spacious coffee-shop-slash-gallery, Red House, around the corner serving up excellent cortados in a very similar surrounding, that was just as special.  Definetly seek these spaces out if ever in Sevilla.

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