Remember the time....(Montauk Edition)

Today is moving day!  I've been ball of emotions, excited about the move and sad to leave NY and I've been doing a lot of "remember the time we" insert-ridiculous-story-here, so I thought I'd make this shit a part of internet now.  So, remember the time we went to Montauk...

and of course I did cartwheels.

we hiked along the jetty?

and wrote our 'gram handles in the sand?

and I wrote our names in the sand again?

and we flew kites?

Rick let us use his cabin, even though he decided to stay in town?

and we all went to see Dirty Projectors at Surf Lodge?

then had delicious watermelon drinks at Ruschmeyers?

and we went back to Montauk at the end of the summer because we had so much fun the first time?

and we went hiking barefoot?

and the terrain was so strange?

the weather wasn't perfect.

but it was nice enough to go kyaking!

and play with Rezzy dog outside.

Yeah, that was really fun.


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  1. New York will miss you, but clearly, the city intrinsically knows that your exuberance cannot be contained by one geographic location. :)