Life on Mars

Dress: Band of Outsiders x Gap, circa 2008
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

I'm heading to Austin for the Psych Fest today, yay for warm sunny weather!



How to Wear a Tuxedo to the Office

80's Wool Jacket: thrifted
Tuxedo Tee: thrifted
Cut Offs: unearthed in the move
Cloggy Heels: Seyshelles  


Euro Boots & a Field Jacket

Field Jacket: Trouve, via Nordstrom's
Oversized Button Down: Found by my Mom in her house, she swears it's mine
Scarf: sample
Necklace: Anthro sale
Leggings: AA's winter legging
Boot's:  Hector 

These boots come from Spain, as NPR and I were exploring an area, we walked by a store FILLED with bright colored shoes and boots wrapped up all tight and displayed in shelves like books.  They are actually made in Italy and distributed across Europe so I had to come home with them as a souvenir from our trip, they're just so damn Euro but also familiar in a way.  When I came home and did a little interneting on the brand, Hector, I came to realize they are actually based off of Native American moccasins, so how's that for a globalized fashion cycle?  Historical moccasins, reworked into a Euro trend, brought back to America!


A love note to Boston

Denim Jacket: J. Crew, modified with my Mimi's fur collar
Zebra Sequin Dress: Modcloth
Lace Trim Bike Shorts: Only Hearts 
OTK's: Sock Dreams
Spike High Tops: Y.R.U

Dear Boston,

We've known each other a few years now, but recently we've become closer, more intimate.  I must admit, you were cold and harsh at first, but last week when NPR and I met in the Commons to take these photos, I really started warming up to you.  Your skies were blue, your air crisp yet warm, the sights and sounds of your people strolling, lunching, laughing, it was getting to me.

I'm saddened by the foolish people caused this senseless terror, especially when it was your time to shine.  Admittedly, I was scared to learn bombs were going off only three blocks from my office.  Your people, your public servants and plain clothed citizens, who dashed towards the explosions and saved lives or the runners who continued running to the hospital to donate blood have heartened me, reminding me of the good in humanity.  Thank you for being you, Boston.  I can't wait to get to know you and your people better.

With love.



Tie dye, polka dots & denim

Sweater: DIY by a former office colleague
Jeans: Gap
Socks: Targer
Shoes: Madewell 

Yes!  I just had the best unsocial, but oh-so-productive and satisfying weekend in a long time!  We made strides in settling into our main living room, explored Cambridge, planted early spring veggies and I made lots of yummy and nutritious food to get us through the week, score!

The links below kept me entertained over the weekend, as well as a '74 Coppola movie, The Conversation, which I would highly recommend for it's slow build, twist ending and a foxy young Harrison Ford.

1/2 Century Roman Braids (and model heads on stakes)

Bowie! Bowie!! BOWIE!!!

A wealth of information for new and seasoned gardeners

What did you get up to this weekend?



lotsa leopard

Denim Jacket: J. Crew, customized with my Grandmothers fur collar
Sweater: BCBG
Tank: Urban Outfitters
Pants: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Madewell

I knew I wanted to wear these leopard jacquard pants but had no clue what else, but when I happened to grab a pair of leopard print undies, the idea dawned on me to just LOAD on the leopard.  I've been doing that alot lately, if one puffer is good another is better, if one blue item is goods why not all blue, and if its not broken then why bother fixing it!



Clutch florals and holograms.

Leather Jacket: culled from the closet
Puffer vest: REI, kids section
Floral Peasant Maxi: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Frye
Hologram Clutch: H&M

Yes, those are zip ties as bracelets.  Blame the moving crazies.

I can't saw the word hologram with out thinking of the truly, truly, truly outrageous Jem and the Holograms. (I need more material, I've already professed my love for Jem in one of my first posts)



No Repeat Work Weeks!

Coat: donated from a friend
Shawl collar sweat shirt: J. Crew
Galaxy print pants: BlackMilk
Blue Suede Boots: Jeffery Campbell, via Solestruck

Last week was the height of chaos, NPR and I moved from Brooklyn to Boston and my Dad came for a long weekend the help us get settled, he was a HUGE help.  Being an engineer, his brain is pre-wired to problem solve and that came in handy many times making the transition smoother, quicker and argument free!  Thanks Dad, I love you!

One of the best things about our new apartment is the CLOSET that NPR has lovingly given me majority share of.  Now that I have all my clothes organized and visible, save for seasonal items, and I see I have a lot of clothes.  I need to streamline, which is hard for me, as I am sure any other stylish lassie worth her salt, we get attached to things and looks and what if i wore it with this...  

I am always struggling with the quantity of clothes I own (I even blogged about it in October) and while I do not have a solution I do have a start, no repeat work weeks!  I've been going back to the same items over and over again (these BlackMilk leggings are an example) and not flexing my wardrobe strength which makes it hard to purge when I can think of a gillion outfits to make out of an item.  The purpose is to not repeat key, non-basics to help me determine what I actually wear and purge the rest.

Wish me luck!