Clutch florals and holograms.

Leather Jacket: culled from the closet
Puffer vest: REI, kids section
Floral Peasant Maxi: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Frye
Hologram Clutch: H&M

Yes, those are zip ties as bracelets.  Blame the moving crazies.

I can't saw the word hologram with out thinking of the truly, truly, truly outrageous Jem and the Holograms. (I need more material, I've already professed my love for Jem in one of my first posts)



  1. The zip ties as bracelets is a great idea, especially the colourful ones you have there!

    Hope you aren't going too crazy from the moving (=

  2. Um yeah, that's a perfect dress. It was made for you. Seriously, I'm sure Betsey pictures you when she's designing things in her kooky, Warholian studio.

    Also: Gbear watches Jem. Mostly because I already had the complete DVDs of the show before she was even born. She always wants to "play Jem" with her friends, and the other kindergarteners are like "I don't know wtf you're talking about."

    1. YES! I illegally downloaded (shhh) them and watched them all again last winter. I'm so glad you're training a new generation in the art of awesome, I couldn't think of a better lady to lead the way.

      You're already so attune to girl power and confidence, GBear is in good hands, but I would highly recommend this documentary (http://wonderwomendoc.com/) about feminism and female cartoon characters. They totally slighted Jem though, I think she rocked so hard and clearly influenced us in a good way and she was never even mentioned, suckers don't even know what they're missing.