Euro Boots & a Field Jacket

Field Jacket: Trouve, via Nordstrom's
Oversized Button Down: Found by my Mom in her house, she swears it's mine
Scarf: sample
Necklace: Anthro sale
Leggings: AA's winter legging
Boot's:  Hector 

These boots come from Spain, as NPR and I were exploring an area, we walked by a store FILLED with bright colored shoes and boots wrapped up all tight and displayed in shelves like books.  They are actually made in Italy and distributed across Europe so I had to come home with them as a souvenir from our trip, they're just so damn Euro but also familiar in a way.  When I came home and did a little interneting on the brand, Hector, I came to realize they are actually based off of Native American moccasins, so how's that for a globalized fashion cycle?  Historical moccasins, reworked into a Euro trend, brought back to America!

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