No Repeat Work Weeks!

Coat: donated from a friend
Shawl collar sweat shirt: J. Crew
Galaxy print pants: BlackMilk
Blue Suede Boots: Jeffery Campbell, via Solestruck

Last week was the height of chaos, NPR and I moved from Brooklyn to Boston and my Dad came for a long weekend the help us get settled, he was a HUGE help.  Being an engineer, his brain is pre-wired to problem solve and that came in handy many times making the transition smoother, quicker and argument free!  Thanks Dad, I love you!

One of the best things about our new apartment is the CLOSET that NPR has lovingly given me majority share of.  Now that I have all my clothes organized and visible, save for seasonal items, and I see I have a lot of clothes.  I need to streamline, which is hard for me, as I am sure any other stylish lassie worth her salt, we get attached to things and looks and what if i wore it with this...  

I am always struggling with the quantity of clothes I own (I even blogged about it in October) and while I do not have a solution I do have a start, no repeat work weeks!  I've been going back to the same items over and over again (these BlackMilk leggings are an example) and not flexing my wardrobe strength which makes it hard to purge when I can think of a gillion outfits to make out of an item.  The purpose is to not repeat key, non-basics to help me determine what I actually wear and purge the rest.

Wish me luck!



  1. So exciting! And awesome that you had that extra dose of help and support.

    Also: you're rocking these colors so hard! You look like you were made for hot pink and electric blue and bright teal.

  2. Thanks for the plug. It is always a pleasure to work with my daughter and NPR. It took me a while to realize that NPR is not National Public Radio.