When in doubt, where a dress.

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Jonovich-Hawk x Target, mid 2000's
Field Jacket: Trouve
Boots: Lucchese 

Life has been busy, so I've been wearing lots of dresses!



Judy Jetson


Something about the silhouette of my dress and my hair makes me think of Judy Jetson, strange but true.
It's been a CRAY CRAY past few weeks, NPR's parents visited last weekend, I was off to NYC for work just to come home and have some lovely ladies visit me for a long weekend of unladylike activity!
What are y'alls plans for the long weekend?


Wax Print Dress + Abercrombie & Fitch Rant

Dress: Thrift Store find
Belt: Vintage via my Mom
Wedge/Clogs: Madewells
Necklace: Anthro
Stegosaurus Earrings: Brooklyn Flea 
Cargo Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch

I don't wear this jacket often, in fact, probably not in a few years, but it fits well and the sleeves are long enough so I've kept it during the last few purges.  The jacket is Abercrombie & Fitch, purchased while drunk shopping in Vegas somewhere around 2005.  Have you ever tried drunk shopping?  It's fun but I would recommend that it not be come a regular habit for both your physical and fiscal health.  But, I digress.  All this A & F B.S. had me thinking about the brand, so I wore the jacket specifically to give me a reason to rant about them here....

First off, this CEO jerk said these jerky things LONG AGO, over 6 years ago.  Why is this news now?  Because the news must of had a slow day and someone needed to stir some shit to sell some commercials to make some money.  Secondly, who CARES what this old sad man has to say?  Is Abercrombie even a viable brand any more?  I never payed much attention to the overpriced, poorly produced and BORING clothes, but do kids these days even wear it?  I pay a lot of attention to what the kids wear, after all I work for an online retailer that specializes in the teen/college demographic (ps. Karmaloop.com) and I don't think the "cool" kids are really rocking this shit any more.  Finally, and most importantly, even if MIke Jefferies and Abercrombie & Fitch still has cool currency in some alternate universe (it must because the stock is still high, China maybe?) why are we letting him tell us what to value?  Let's use this as a lesson to teach kids (and maybe some adults need the lesson too) about marketing and consumerism.  Let's turn off the TV.  Let's do fun and interesting things that make us interesting people with interesting things to say and therefore "cool".  Let's make better food choices and play outside or take evening walks.  Let's learn to like ourselves for who we are, a lesson I could use a refresher on, and give others some slack.  Most importantly, lets NOT listen to the bullies and the jerks of the world because if we ignore them they have no power.

Rant. Over.


ps.  OMG, how awesome is that glitter neck tattoo?  (no Mom, that one is not real)


Vintage Overalls and Booty Seams


My mind is still blown that I can wear shit like this to work and no one bats an eye because everyone else is wearing the same shit! 
Light metering was off, its hard to meter pasty skin and dark denim!

70's Overalls: Lee, vintage via Feathers Boutique in Austin
Pink Lace Bra: H&M
Belt: Anthro
Shoes: Converse
Socks and Earrings: samples
So the booty crack seam is back, have y'all noticed?  The first time I remember seeing it was at SXSW in 2010 (probably on some assistant to the intern music minion) and I thought 'OH NO, I will not be doing that.'  But here it is, 2013, and I'm doing it.  And liking it.
If you are lucky enough to be in Boston Commons on a beautiful day maybe you can see Ramblin' Dan and his Ramblin' Band, its a one man band of awesome color and spectacle, with a homemade peace wave generator (bottom left of top photo).  I don't know is story, but I am to find out by the end of summer, he seems like such a happy dream chaser kinda guy, if he turns out to be a nut, I will be let down.



The Illuminati

I'm taking a photography class to learn how to use the fancy DSLR Christmas present, the first class taught me so much it is exciting to think how far along I will be after the entire 6 week course.  Unfortunately, I also accidentally set my camera to some setting that my computer doesn't recognize and it won't allow me to download my outfit posts of the week!  ACK.

In lieu of outfit posts, I'm sharing some photos from Exxopolis a temporary exhibit up at Discovery Green in Houston.  The park hired a British company, Architects of Air, to install what is basically an adult size bounce house with color inserts in the ceiling creating enveloping color that shifts from room to room.  Magic.



White on White is just right!

White Trench: part of an old AK suit
Grey Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Gold Chains: samples


This outfit was inspired by a great shot from The Sartorialist (maybe? I have been getting better at pinning my inspirations and ideas recently), but the outfit stuck out in my head well enough!  It was a lovely long haired blond in torn boyfriend jeans, plain white tee, and a white trench.  She looked casual, effortless and I wanted that easy look in my life.  The inspiration turned into this, filtered through my own preferences and available wardrobe to create my own look that is a little less casual with a touch of pinup a dash of ghetto fab. 
How do you find your outfit inspirations?
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