Austin Psych Fest Photo Diary (plus and outfit post)

Nowhere but Texas.

Night rain.

Jealous of the bright minds who thought to bring bubbles.

Golden hour.

Get weird.

Spotlights glow in the mist.

Thats a bacon doughnut.  Yes. You heard right.  Get it here.

Field Shirt: Authentic from my Dad
Tank: Madewell
Short: 70's thirft find
Belt: 70's from my Mom
Moccasins: Minnetonka 
Necklace: Maasai

Do you ever walk out of the house feeling like you look awesome and then catch a glimpse of yourself and think WTF was I thinking?  That happened to me on this day.  Looking at the photos I feel like a grandpa in hiked up shorts and socks with shoes.  All the components were right, but something about the complete look is just off. 
What is your biggest WTF outfit?


  1. I think you are wrong. You look great! That shirt is cool.

  2. You aren't symmetrical. You needed to have something on your right wrist!

  3. Tell your inner voice to shut the eff up -- you look awesome.

    My grandma brought me back some necklaces like that from Arizona when I was little. What the hell did I ever do with them?!?