The Illuminati

I'm taking a photography class to learn how to use the fancy DSLR Christmas present, the first class taught me so much it is exciting to think how far along I will be after the entire 6 week course.  Unfortunately, I also accidentally set my camera to some setting that my computer doesn't recognize and it won't allow me to download my outfit posts of the week!  ACK.

In lieu of outfit posts, I'm sharing some photos from Exxopolis a temporary exhibit up at Discovery Green in Houston.  The park hired a British company, Architects of Air, to install what is basically an adult size bounce house with color inserts in the ceiling creating enveloping color that shifts from room to room.  Magic.



  1. These pics are awesome -- your neon belt effing ROCKS!

    I'm really sorry you are being annoyed by technology though, I've done crap like that before. Do you need to pirate Adobe Bridge or something? Or does your teacher have it? Or something? I wanna see your photos!!

  2. I'm sorry I missed it. There are many cool things to do in Houston.