Spagetti Western

Embroidered Top: My Mom's souvenir from a long a go trip to Mexico
Earrings: random find in an Austin Market
Chiffon Maxi Skirt: Anthro
Belt: Gap 
The silhouette and details of this outfit remind me of a bombshell vixen on the cover of some old Spaghetti Westerns, if only I were more endowed!


Tropical Leopard

Dress: vintage children's dress
Lace Bike Shorts: Only Hearts
Clog/Mules: Seychelles

That last photo was included because I love that hard shadow on the left of me, if I knew what I was doing at all were advanced enough in Photoshop I would have loved to make it a contrast color to make it super Pop.

I am a grown, 32, year old woman who is wearing a childs dress, with crazy hair and bike shorts to keep some form of propriety.  Don't get me wrong, I like it, but sometimes I wonder about dressing "my age", what does that mean, should I be doing it?  I mean I'm not running around in booty shorts, so I guess I pass Chloe Sevigny's standard, but even she's not sure what she should be wearing (and PS, she's nearing 40?!?  day-UM she looks good)

Tonight I'm headed back to NYC for the Blogcademy workshop, I have been looking forward to this for about 6 months now!  Watch out world!!!



Puppy Kisses and Punk Rock Easy Dressing

Linen Top: Gap Japan (there's a difference)
Leopard Jeans: Joe's
Spike Smoking Slippers: Jeffery Campbell
Earrings: samples

This is my punk rock version of those famous tunic and flat combos that people like to wear from designers that I always roll my eyes at.  I get it now, it's easy, comfortable and takes you alllll day long.
PS.  Is there ANTYTHING in the world better than puppy kisses?  No.


Creepy Crawlies

Tank: Zara
Lace trim bike shorts: Only Hearts
Lace Bra: Zara
Creepy crawly skirt: dELiA*S, hoarded for over 1/2 my life
Shoes: BCBG, circa 2006

I've jokingly admitted to my "hoarding" problems before, this skirt is another example of old clothing I just can't let go of.  The truth is I keep a pretty tight ship, my parents are just nice enough to store some of my more unique pieces till I need them again.  

Recently though, I've had other problems not being able to let things go, more specifically major-serious-out-of-the-blue-acute anxiety, the kind that feels like you have creepy crawlies on your skin and need to shake them off, the kind that comes out of no where and is triggered by anything/nothing.  It is paralyzing, it is damaging, it makes me lose focus and lose control of my emotions.  

There are several factors contributing to this, some genetic, many circumstantial, after all in the last 9 months I've lost my job, been unemployed, started a new job and moved to a place where I know next to no one.  Looking back, with what is becoming a more lucid mind, I can pinpoint where things started deteriorating and now with the help of a professional I am getting better and hope to learn how to prevent this again.
I've been posting less recently because I have been in the thick of it, feeling like I don't like myself and if you don't like yourself how can you like what you're wearing and feel like you should be sharing it on the internetz?  I'm getting better and hope that soon this space reflects that as well.     

Why am I writing about this?  Because I can.  Because I've read several other mental health confession blog posts and it made me feel better.  Because I am not embarrassed.  Because it helps me feel better.


PS.  I'm never one to pass on shameless self promotion, no matter how unlike me I feel, so here's a screen shot from the last time I wore this skirt, I was caught by Anthony Bourdain's cameras for his No Reservations Brooklyn show.  LOOK MA, I'M ON TV!


Simple Summer Fun

One last post from deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, where we spent a very toasty 90+ degree birthday afternoon wandering about.





Birthday Montage

Boy/Toy Soldier at deCordova Sculpture Park
Boys taking the opportunity to play dead with
sculpture, at Boy/Toy Soldier at deCordova
More camera play at deCordova
My Mom and I made this yummy (pastel) rainbow coconut
cake with Lemon Swiss Meringue icing in my kitchen
with no A/C in 93 degree heat.  Lots of sweat went into
it and fortunately only a few tears and no blood. 
Beaux, the best birthday present I could ask for.

I turned 32 this past Saturday, my parents brought me my dog that I had left in their care when I moved to NYC, he gets to come with me to the office every day! We had a lovely day exploring a sculpture park, eating lunch at a clam shack, baking a home made cake (my first attempt!) and enjoying a lovely dinner in Cambridge.  This years festivities did not bring any ragers, but I think this year will be quite a ride.


Dancin' Daze

Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Top: BCBG, ancient
Skirt: thirfted Jantzen
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


This week is recovery week.  I think I need more than a week to recover though.  The last few weeks have been full of travel, out of town guests including two sets of parents (at different times, I'm not that crazy!) AND a new resident at the apartment, my dog!  When I moved to NYC I couldn't find an apartment that allowed dogs and my Mom happily kept him until this past week when they drove from Texas to Boston to bring him to live with us.  It was a tearful goodbye when they left, I'm not sure if she was more sad to leave me or her granddog.