Birthday Montage

Boy/Toy Soldier at deCordova Sculpture Park
Boys taking the opportunity to play dead with
sculpture, at Boy/Toy Soldier at deCordova
More camera play at deCordova
My Mom and I made this yummy (pastel) rainbow coconut
cake with Lemon Swiss Meringue icing in my kitchen
with no A/C in 93 degree heat.  Lots of sweat went into
it and fortunately only a few tears and no blood. 
Beaux, the best birthday present I could ask for.

I turned 32 this past Saturday, my parents brought me my dog that I had left in their care when I moved to NYC, he gets to come with me to the office every day! We had a lovely day exploring a sculpture park, eating lunch at a clam shack, baking a home made cake (my first attempt!) and enjoying a lovely dinner in Cambridge.  This years festivities did not bring any ragers, but I think this year will be quite a ride.


  1. I'm so glad you got Beaux!!! I know y'all missed each other! What a wonderful birthday celebration you had!!!! ♥

  2. You and I are the same age! Practically, at least, I turn 32 in September. Girl, you look like you could pass for effing 18.

    In love with the shots of you guys illuminated by the birthday candles. Happy belated birthday, gorgeous.