A treatise on being comfortable and not looking like a bum...

Top: random New Orleans store
Shorts: Bike, thrifted
Belt: pilfered from an old Anthro skirt
Shoes: Birkenstock

I have a proclivity to finding clothes in strange places, I've even blogged about it in one of my earliest posts, this top comes from a strange store in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter that sold incense and cheesy souvenirs along side these awesome crop tops imported from India.    Of course, it was 2010 and no one wanted printed crop tops at that time so they were on super sale and I bought two, score for me!

Has anyone else noticed the amount of highly fashionable and stylish looking shoes that are have been coming out over the past few years?  Be it Birkenstock and Doc Martens engaging with a new audience and becomings "heritage" brands to the youngins these days or the crazy Birk-ish feeling fur covered CĂ©line shoes that that babe over at Stop It Right Now wears so well (they suit her style, but not mine), the whole spectrum makes me happy.  When I say happy, I mean like legit happy, like little girl squealing over puppies happy, not just some passing trend appreciation way.  What's that you say? Why would anyone get so squealy over that?  Here's the truth...going against all that I know from my high school and college years in the south (AKA flip flop capital) I despise flip flops. (note: flip flops equal rubber soles with plastic straps, I am not talking about thong shoes that would have a real sole, last, etc)

I am a recovering flip flop addict.  At one point in college, I had flip flops in a rainbow of colors, I could probably have gone a month without repeating a flop (*rimshot* get it... flip flop, fashion flop?) With $2 Old Navy flip flops and "fashion" flip flops from Victoria's Secret, I was ready for anything. Fortunately, I had enough dignity to never go down the rubber high heel/wedge or jeweled road, but I definitely did do the flatform flip flop and the spicegirl wedge style that Delia*s brought to the masses. At some point in mid college my tastes changed and I started paring down my collection and sometime shortly after college I vowed to never wear them again, mostly because ANYTHING you put on is dragged down to near PJ status when you put on flip flops or elevated to stylish when you wear real shoes. Picture midday wearing denim shorts, a graphic tee, bedraggled hair and flip flops... that says "I only interrupted my Netflix marathon of Orange is the New Black got off my couch to go to the bodega for ice cream".  Now picture the same outfit with cowboy boots (or any real shoe)...that says "I am on my way home from some activity in the world stopping at this bodega for ice cream to serve at my amazing dinner party later tonight".  Maybe there is an activity and an amazing dinner party, maybe there isn't, but either way you look more stylish and I will always choose to push myself towards more stylish.

My Top 7 Reasons for Eleminating Flip Flops

  1. they were dragging my style down
  2. thong calluses between big toe and the middle (?) toe suck
  3. feet slide around in them and end up touching the ground, ew
  4. TOMS-more comfortable and helps people
  5. there is a whole world of comfortable & stylish shoes
  6. I wanted to look like I had a life even when I'm being a bum
  7. that annoying flop noise!

Don't get me wrong I still wear bummy shoes, my last pair of Converse had a hole worn in the sole and I will always love my sky high heels; I guess my point is fashion doesn't preclude comfort and your style shouldn't either.

This treatise on footwear has been brought to you by 3am insomnia. 



  1. Flip flops... I have a pair that have lights on them so you can see where you are stumbling around in the dark (=

    But after reading a report on them and how they actually screw up peoples feets and legs because of how they change how you walk (trying to keep the thing on your foot at all time.) I decided it was time to stop wearing them. Plus I found some sandals that are pretty awesome and goes with just about everything (=

    Came pretty close to wearing them with my suit at my wedding, but never got permission, so decided against it (;

  2. I am against flip flops. But then, I have oddly narrow feet and they won't stay on me, so it's pretty easy for me to take such a militant stance.

    PS that top is adorable on you. Perfection.