Breaking it Down: How to Print Mix

Hat: Thrifted//Tank & Skirt: H&M//Shoes: Doc Martens

Print mixing isn't rocket science or fine French baking, no one is going to die and souffle won't suffer from not getting it just perfect, but of course you don't want to walk out of the house looking like a blind person dressed you.  There are no "rules" but the basic guidelines are simple, like Venn Diagram simple:

So let's break it down...

COLOR-Keep it in the family.  I'm wearing red and pink, which is actually the same color only at different intensity, another option would be a 2-3 colors but all pastels.  Consider looking to nature for color combinations (she kinda knows what she's doing) sky blue/grass green or flowers/leaves.  If you feel uncomfortable with your color skill set keep it to one color and remember white, black and beige are not colors, they are neutrals and can be used freely when print mixing.

PATTERN-Until you feel comfortable listening to your internal style sense and showing your print mixing freak flag, stick to patterns that are similar in theme and/or similar in size. Referencing what I am wearing, I have all graphic, angular prints of a similar size, it is very safe.  If you were to wear all stripes, it would be interesting if the stripes were positive/negative to each other or of varying sizes.  When mixing theme, consider florals & graphics, animal print & roses, or stripes & plaid.

MATERIAL-This one is easy, keep it all play or all work, with so much else going on mixing in super structured things with flowing chiffon, for example, is possible but not easy.   Again referencing today's photos, all pieces are casual and cotton.

As you start to feel more comfortable with these basics, start ignoring them!  The guidelines are your swim safety floaties, you wear them while learning and then once you're comfortable you want to dive right into the deep end!

Feeling like you're ready to do this?  Play around with your clothes, try 'em on, toss 'em off, make a mess, but clean it up after.  Look around your life for inspiration, favorite fashion spreads, your throw pillows, the internet and my PRINT MIXING label.  Most importantly, have fun and be confident in yourself, if you think you look good so will the rest of the world!


ps.  I will be SO happy when mercury comes out of retrograde on the 20th, I've managed to accumulate 7 giganto bruises (like the one in the bottom of the photo below) during this retrograde, klutz!

Update:  Thanks to my AWESOME friend Erin Rodgers for sharing this perfect video...



  1. The song is awesome. If you ever find some of those purple pants buy me a pair. Dado

  2. Dan girl, you are an expert pattern mixer! FUUUUUU your hat is amazing.

    Also, holy shit, I just realized I never thanked you for your awesome letter! Of course, your letter was a thank you note, so me thanking you for a thank you note is a kind of strange meta transference, but regardless, the envelope alone was so smart and chic I was confused by it.