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A few weeks ago I mentioned how I've been dealing with severe anxiety for several months and for the last month or so have been seeing a profesional to help me deal with that.  What I did not divulge is that I recently started taking low dosage anti-depressants to help break the anxiety cycle, my first dosage was right around the time of that post.  After the first three weeks of meds, I can say that this was definitely the right choice for me, but it was not an easy road for me to get there.

I'm a do-er, a problem solver and somewhat doctor adverse.  Being as I rarely get sick combined with my DiY mentality, I rarely need to see a doctor and always felt that my stuffy nose or slightly sore throat will just get better and for most of my adult life it always has (but I love going to the dentist, go figure).  That being said, I wholeheartedly went to see a therapist but in our first session told her that I was staunchly against any medication.  Until one day I felt the need to crawl under my desk and cry uncontrollably or run around outside shaking my arms to get rid of the crawling skin sensation, then I knew things were bad.

This story is kinda going in reverse... Before I ever went to see a doctor, around December of last year, I was starting to feel the winter blahs (or so I thought at the time) so I knew it was time to take better care of my self.  This long drawn out story is to introduce another new series, Health is Wealth.  In this weekly series I will discuss, in order of appearance in my life, the steps I took to start taking better care of myself.  This is by no means a medical treatise, I'm a goddamn retail buyer, not a trained scientist.  These are the ways I improved my confidence, physical health, energy, sleep, regularity (yes, that kind) and shushed my inner Negative Nelly a few notches.  Obviously, medical help was what I needed, but a doctor can't help me if I'm not willing to help my self.  Even if you're not crazy like me, who doesn't want to feel more vitality and confidence?

My first step was a baby step, warm lemon water first thing in the morning.  In High School my Mom told me she did this religiously in her early 20's and at the time it sounded like a fad to me.  Last Fall I started seeing FB friends post about warm lemon water in the morning and thought, "what the hell if my yogi friends are doing it, it can't hurt".  After a week of having the elixer every morning, I noticed my skin WAS brighter, I was certainly regular and my Mom was happy to get a phone call from me telling her I thought she was right!  

Nowadays, my morning beauty elixer has been warm water, juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon, 1 Tbls ACV and a teanNINY (like 1/4 tsp) of local, raw, organic honey to cut the acidity (it's still really acidic, so don't be surprised).  There are a ton of articles out there touting more benefits and the science behind those benefits, but I can attest the following awesome benefits to this elixer:

* clearer, brighter, glowy skin
* less breakouts, even around my period
* increased confidence because I like my skin
* reduced craving for coffee and greasy foods
* it detoxifies, so um, I poop well

So, that's how a 1/2 a lemon helped me get better, it was a first baby step but if you don't start you'll never finish.  


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  1. Oh girl, now you're talking my language. I get at least a lemon's worth of unpasturized juice into me every day. The enzymes and HCH are do wonders for your body. Lemon is super yummy in salad dressing, btw.

    I'm so glad you're taking action for yourself and seeing results. That's wonderful. :)