Random thoughts from a overheated mind! (and some cute clothes)

top: BCBG Girls, probably 10 y/o
shorts: thrifted
belt: hand me down from my Mom
shoes: Steve Madden
most awesome embroidered necklace: Central America souvenir gift

Random thoughts post...

-Isn't this necklace the most amazing thing ever?  Thank you Jessica for being a bas ass and biking across Central America, then being kind enough to share in your souvenirs!

-I need more clothes that cover less!  After years of corporate dressing (I tended to "bend" the rules), I need more fun summer clothes in natural materials and barely there cuts!

-Do you ever go thrifting and see clothes that you wonder if the thing you have in your hand is the exact item you once owned?  For example, I'm 99% sure I owned these exact shorts in Jr High, and probably in the same size (I was a little chunky in those days).  I would have purchased them from The Merry Go Round in Baybrook Mall, which was the store the coolr older kids shopped at so I was always psyched when my Mom would let me buy things from there.

-This heat wave is tough, even for this Texan who is used to 100 degrees and high humidity.  What I am not used to is walking 30 minutes to & from work and living in a non-AC'd abode.  In TX you have central AC, walk 10 feet to your car, blast the AC on high, walk 20 feet to your freezing office and repeat.  I'm quickly learning to adjust my cooking to nonexistent (more salads!) adding 10 minutes to my morning routine so I can intermittently stand directly in front of the one window unit we have to prevent sweating, eating lots of frozen grapes and drinking lots of watermelon aqua fresca, and working "OMG it is so hot" into almost every conversation, so I'm rolling with the punches.  

Happy Weekend!  You can find me at the beach or vegetating in our basement drinking homemade aqua fresca!  I hope your weekend is filled with fun, frozen drinks and fun pools or beaches!


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  1. Dude, I have TOTALLY had that deja vu with clothes at the thrift store. And what's more, I've found specific items that I WANTED in high school but never bought.

    Also weird: I've found actual clothes that *I* donated at the Salvation Army. Like, the actual garment that was mine. It's strangely trippy.

    P.S., You look hot as hell.