'Tropic-all' over me

Jumper: Thirfted
Belt: J. Crew sale
Shoes: Anthro sale
Scarf: sample

I gave myself a tripod and shutter remote for my birthday, this was the first time playing with it.  I got lot's of photos like this one:

This jumper might possibly be the most amazing summer jumper in the world if it weren't for the fact that it is made of rayon which makes me sweat bullets anytime the temp is above 80 and there is even a waft of humidity in the air.  Sadly, I haven't worn it much since I got it in Austin back in 2009, but it was the first thing I went for when the heat wave broke!

I'm off to Vegas for work, so much for avoiding the heat!


1 comment:

  1. Okay yeah, that jumpsuit wins the jumpsuit tournament for all of time. I freaking LOVE the wrap design -- so hot! You look like a total 70's vixen, and I'm sure you only look sexier when you're sweating. ;)