Health is Wealth: Adventures in Vegan Baking

This is a photo of a vegan baking fuck up.  I now made two batches of vegan banana bread the first one being too moist almost bread pudding like and while it was delicious, it wasn't quite right.  The batch above was a different recipe and way, WAY to dry.  Both were bakers errors, the first one was edible, the second... not so much.  I hate wasting food, so I crumbled up the brick of bread and dried it out even more in a 200 degrees oven for an hour or so to make a nice crunchy and yummy cereal or topping, seen here over a chia breakfast bowl.  Viola!  Terrible banana bread saved and now I think I will be much more adventurous in the vegan baking with this new disaster cover up!



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  2. Haha, everything takes practice, right? Honestly, traditional banana bread is slightly more challenging to approximate, because unlike with a butter cake or cookie, the beaten eggs in normal banana bread are actually responsible for some of the texture. There are starches you can aerate similarly, but they won't denaturate the way that the egg protein does in the oven.

    For this reason, I personally recommend creating that aeration through a creaming process, the way you would with a cake. So just substitute any room-temp-solid fat for the oil in your recipe (which I'd recommend anyway -- oils go rancid at high heat), like Earth Balance or coconut oil. Just cream it with your sugar (or Truvia) with a mixer and proceed as normal.