Health is Wealth: Find somebody to love

Health is Wealth is a wellness series focusing on the baby steps I took in order to better care for myself physically when I was feeling unstable mentally.  Click here for an intro to the series or read on... :)

In this series I have discussed how food, specifically getting a wealth of nutrients to fuel my day, as well as funneling my energy into creative endeavors has helped me get back on a better path.  Those are the concrete things that have how to's and to do's, but there are other, smaller changes I have made that I will touch on here and next week.

Find somebody to love

While, listening to Queen does improve my mood, I'm talking about someone/thing/being beyond you to love, not even necessarily a human.  My dog Beaux and I reunited at the perfect time, he his 21 lbs of cheer, love and affection that makes me smile every time I look at him.  Who can resist that pink tongue?

Dogs rely on people for food, bathroom visits, and to satisfy their primal need for a "pack". It feels good to be needed, to take care of someone (yes I count my dog as a being, not a thing).  What?  You don't like dogs?  Well, I'll let that slide this once... But seriously, dog, cat, goldfish, plant, your elderly neighbor, volunteer opportunity, or anything that speaks to you in an altruistic way and fits your schedule and lifestyle without too much pressure fits the bill here.


ps.  you can follow Beaux's adventures on instagram and mine as well!



  1. In the Harmontown podcast, king of hilarity Dan Harmon at one point asserts that his dog needs him to differentiate between a pillow and a sandwich. That pretty much sums up the level of selfless service required of us to care for dogs. :)

    P.S. Queen is a musical path to sachkhand. Pure love. Proven fact.