Health is Wealth: Let's Get Physical

Health is Wealth is a wellness series focusing on the baby steps I took in order to better care for myself physically when I was feeling unstable mentally.  Click here for an intro to the series or read on... :)

Let's Get Physical

Definitely NOT talking about the same sort of physical Ms. Newton-John is singing of, but I couldn't resist including the video, mainly for the mechanical man twerking at 0:13.  Go ahead, I'll wait...

Physical activity is about learning to hone into your body and what it is telling you.  It's about giving time yourself the gift of time, freeing yourself from the outside world.  As with most things in life, I prefer to dabble, to taste test, to dip my toe in the water, never fully committing to one thing or another. Therefore I'm not the best at sticking to anyone work out routine, but I have committed to keeping some sort of physical activity in my life on a daily basis.  

Right now the only activity I seem to be able to stick to is walking to and from work every day, an hour round trip.  Beaux comes to the office with me and most the route we walk along a dedicated green space with no car traffic, I try not to touch my phone to check email or instagram; I just enjoy the walk and breathe, look up, smile at people, appreciate the flowers, pet other dogs, etc.  THIS IS  A CHALLENGE FOR ME.  But it's important, I feel lighter when I do this.  

Over the years I've achieved a similar feeling of lightness from a variety of activities like visiting the gym on a regular basis, yoga classes, pilates, guided meditation, etc.  Some of my favorite online sources for guidance in physical activity are:

Random Abs-a FREE daily resource for an ever changing quick ab routine, get it emailed to you
Do Yoga With Me-a FREE resource for yoga classes, search by difficulty, class length, or style.  This is great for me because there is never the excuse of "my studio's schedule doesn't fit mine".
YogaGlo-similar to Do Yoga With Me, but a paid monthly subscription.  Sometimes paying means I'll actually do it.
Couch to 5k-this is a SUPERB way to start running, the premise is an 8 week program that stair steps you week by week from mostly walking to a full on 5k runner.  I am not a runner, I hate running, but sometimes I want to run and I love to hate it.  The C25K app is always on my phone reminding me of my love/hate relationship with running.  Countless times I have worked through it, felt accomplished, and then quit running, but that's my problem.  
My Fit Decision-I met Kristen of My Fit Decision at The Blogcademy workshop I attended in June, she is as sweet as she is spunky and I've found myself checking into her blog regularly for inspiration in my own health goals.  She has tons of food and fitness tips that are suitable for veg heads and meat eaters.

So that's my spiel.  I am in a much better place but still have to check in with myself, am I following my own advice?  

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  1. Many excellent suggestions! And you know, Miss ONJ's vid might be kind of a joke, but the closest I get to exercise, when I'm not citing "running around hectically" as my official workout, is often dancing around my house.

    Uh, also, this is kind of random but back when I used to actually exercise, I had an elliptical stationary bike in my living room. I'm pretty sure the only reason I ever actually worked out at all was because it was right there, and I could just strip down to my underwear and put in 20 minutes while I watched 30 Rock.

    For what my inane anecdotes are worth. :)