Lace, love and life

lace overcoat: thrifted, last seen here
belt: old, like HS old
shoes: Seychelles
jewelry: various

This is one of the last photoshoots from an awesome photographer and new friend Brittany Gray before she left Karmaloop for new adventures.  I'm sad for me but happy for her, while I may have lost my daily coffee buddy I have a fun new Boston friend, so overall I'll count that as a win.  As I type this I am in Singapore enjoying a 10 day best friend fest with two very important ladies who I don't get to see enough, one living in Singa, the other in Texas. From the moment we see each other it's like no time has passed and we are having a blast doing everything and nothing, which is what BFF's are best at. 

Over the last few weeks the old song I learned in Girl Scouts "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver the other gold" has been ringing very true.  There are a handful of new but quality Boston friends I've been fraternizing with, making Boston more of a home.  I am also continually in awe of all the digital ways to keep in touch with faraway friends; I'm not a phone talker but put me on any chat, skype, facetime, or even regular old text and you can't stop the chatter.  I've got silver and gold stashed all over the US and the world, making me feel very, very rich in friends, love and life.  Best feeling ever.


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  1. Your thoughts here feel oddly pertinent to me! I'm flying to California tomorrow to help my BFF pack up so she can move back to the Midwest following a breakup. My life is no less than JAM PACKED INSANITY right now, to the point where I've subconsciously packed away so much stress to keep my hands steady through the moment that I will randomly find a commercial threatening to make me cry, and I'm basically blending ALL my food because the stress has reached my stomach and my digestion is uh, not great.

    And yet, I can tell you without the slightest hesitation that I didn't even consider not flying out there. It gives me more pleasure to be there for somebody I love so much than it would to rest or otherwise deal with life.

    And bringing this back to your own anecdote -- that's one of life's fucking greatest joys, isn't it? I hope you're drinking that feeling up and living totally in the moment in Singapore right now.