Minimalist Packing for Maximalist Dressers

Earlier this week I popped over to NYC for a trade show; it was a super short trip, just one night, but I'll take any time I can get there.  :)  I travel to trade shows often and at this company, more often than not, it is a short and sweet trip.  Due to all these quick trips,  I have honed my packing skills to only a small carry on.  I hate lugging luggage on a train and since I will be seeing old friends, obvi I want to look like me, bright and punky.
              Ingredients for an overnight trip:

              2 tops
              1 bottom
              1 set of accessories
              1 pair shoes
              1 set Jammies/under roos

I'm wearing one of the tops, the bottoms, accessories and shoes, so that leaves only the jammies and underpinnings to pack.  I still have plenty of room for a small makeup bag with pared down toiletries, reading material, ipad, and the regular handbag stuff.  

Protip: For one night, I don't even bother with all my creams and elixirs, just bare bones basics.  I even use the hotel soap for my face (the horror!).

Protip: Roll your clothes.  It saves space and keeps them less wrinkled.


ps.  I'm en route to Singapore (yay!) as this posts, regularly scheduled M/W/F posts to continue while I am away!  Wanna see what's happening in Singa in real time?  Follow me on Instagram.  

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