Mixtape Monday: you a bad grl

Dress: RHLS
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Happy Mixtape Monday!  How is it August already?  Last week I wrote a check and dated it 2012, where is this year going?  (yes I still use checks, so last century)

This mixtape monday playlist is influenced by my Third Coast upbringing.  Yes, I was a white girl raised in an upper middle class suburban neighborhood, but it was also the height of mainstream rap and being along the Gulf Coast I was exposed to DJ Screw, UGK, Bun B and other Dirty South artists.  I remember Biggie Smalls & 2-Pac being murdered, the crazy speed at which Bone Thugs N Harmony spit out rhymes, I know what purple drank & sizzurp are, and "trill recognize trill" till the day I die.  

Hip Hop is a lifestyle that I was never a part of, but I appreciate the culture and what it brings to America's culture as a whole.  Graffiti can be an art form, streetwear influenced Donna Karan in the 90's and has made it's way back around today, and where would music be without rap?  Debbie Harry was influenced by it, witchhouse is based of it, and what is Sleigh Bells if it isn't white girl cheerleader rap?  

This playlist is an fun ode to the bad grl in all of us, hope you enjoy!  


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