Texas Tank & Pins: gift
Maxi Skirt: Antrho, old
Belt: Mexican furniture store 
Boots: Madewell

I've had these photos for a minute or two, holding on to them for the perfect time to post.  Now is the perfect time BECAUSE I'M MOVING BACK TO TEXAS!  If you don't want to read all of the words below, the short of the story is, I'm gonna be roadtrippin' and of the grid, please follow me with Bloglovin' to get the most up to date posts while I'm a roaming gypsy (look in the top left column for a cool button to click!).

So let me start from the beginning...

In the middle of August I was contacted by a recruiter about a position in Austin, I jumped at the opportunity to continue on after we walked through the responsibilities.  After an hour phone interview with my potential new supervisor, I was psyched... and on my way to Singapore.  Flash forward to 4 days after returning and I am back on a plane to Austin for a day long interview with CEO's, COO's, and many other acronyms and I'm sold on the company and position.

After a grueling two week wait, I was able to walk into HR yesterday and quit my job with a new offer in hand!  While there are many things I love about my position here, bringing Beaux to work, the casual atmosphere and lax dress code, there were other things I disliked.  My new position is a change for good and an exciting career opportunity.  Plus, I'll get to be my quirky little self in a more structured and advanced retail environment.     

Boston, New England, FALL.  After a tumultuous start, I have literally fallen in love with all of these things.  I'm sad to leave my apartment and that my time here was so short.  
I have a few friends that I will miss, but they are good enough friends where I know we will keep in touch.  I plan on crashing at their apartments when I visit next Fall!  

Moving back to Texas is going to be invigorating, especially Austin, but New York still calls my name and has a spot deep in my heart.  Austin and NYC speak to two very different sides of my personality, I am happy immersed in either location and indulging either personality trait.  Since Austin just fell in my lap, then I'm gonna give it a whirl!  NYC may still be in my future, I mean, if nothing else, these last few years have only reinforced that the only consistent thing in my life is change and to have faith in time, all things work out in time.

So, pretty please with a cherry on top, bear with me these next few weeks.  I am going to be road tripping around New England and down to Austin, posts will be sporadic.  But stay tuned for photos of the adventure and an insiders look at one of the BEST cities in the US.

Follow me with Bloglovin' to get the most up to date posts while I'm a roaming gypsy (look in the top left column for a cool button to click!).


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the new job and coming back to Texas (=

  2. Congrats, but....Nina and I will miss you so!

  3. You are a powerful mutant. You are on a path to self actualization. You look hot as hell in this tank top.