Mixtape Monday: How do you think I got these bruises?

Mixtape Monday didn't post last week due to a blogger error (whoopsie!) which is fine, because it gave me a chance to amend my thoughts.

I bruise easily, like scary easy, plus I have a tendency to be clumsy and couple those with the fact that I enjoy doing daring things... I almost always have a handful of bruises on my body.  This photo was snapped about 5 minutes after I fell banana peel style and five minutes before I fainted like one of those Tennessee fainting goats, due to all that adrenaline leaving my body and being overheated and what not.  It was scary but I was OK, needless to say I walked away several bumps, scrapes, and bruises including my ribs (and when I say walked away, I mean I hobbled 5 feet to a cab clutching my friends arm for dear life every step).

This week I fell while walking up the stairs in my apartment and have a swollen whopper of a bruise on my forearm to prove it, I tend to hit about 48 times a day to remind me of my clumsiness.   I also took a secret plane trip on Saturday and ended up with a wicked crick in my upper back... too much plane time in the last two weeks!  

All this to say I'm a mess and to intro one of my oldest playlists from spotify, "how do you think I got these bruises?".  The title comes from one of the lyrics of a song on the playlist and not only refers to my obvious body bruises, but considering it was a playlist made for Valentines day and shared with my Valentine very early on in the relationship, it was also kinda a treatise on former bad relationships, broken hearts and secret awkward hopes about the future.


ps.  This playlist is circa Feb 2012 and I was listening to the Gotye song back in in November of 2011.  It was way before the song was insanely popular and got millions of radio plays and stupid lazer dance, polka, or dubstep remixes.  Feel free to skip over it as I do now!

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  1. Haha, I'm so sorry to hear of your accident, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who bruises. I loved a bunch of giant boxes out of an apartment back in 2009 by myself, largely relying on the act of resting the box on my knees and walking it. This resulted in my legs looking like fucking camouflage.

    Anyway, this is a super cool mix.