Party Shorts

Hat & Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Madewell
Pins & Jewels: Various


Like Newton's first law of physics, I have been an object in motion for three weeks straight.  After a work trip to NYC (and of course and evening with old friends), a fun trip to Singapore (bookended by 30 hour flights) and right after that a quick getaway to TX, I'm zonked.  This weekend I quickly came to a resting point and didn't move.  No blog photos or posts, only couch sitting, apple picking, and sleeping.  Thankfully I had a few more amazing shoots from the ever talented and lovely Brittany Gray in the proverbial back pocket!

See you Wednesday!



  1. Confession: I hate travel. As a wild and crazy, impulsive and impish mofo, I should be ashamed of this. But regardless, I hear this description of your past few weeks and think "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." You're a superhero for looking this fantastic -- which you definitely do. Give me a break, that hat is freaking impossibly adorable.

    1. I can totally understand disliking it. You're a VEGAN, like a real one. It is impossible to eat like we do when traveling, therefore I don't. :| I'm actually going to be posting about eating and traveling soon... :)