Stephanie aka Vivid Voltage

Hi, I’m Stephanie, I go by Vivid Voltage​ on the internet because I love color, high energy, and graphic prints that go ka-pow ⚡⚡⚡!

Twenty-two years ago I entered into the fashion industry and 15 years ago I began sewing. I started off as a model traveling to Milan and working with fashion & beauty companies; when it was time to go to college I focused on degrees that would help me get into retail buying. Throughout my retail career I was a buyer & product developer for women’s clothing, accessories and home goods for big box & specialty retailers. It was really fun to analyze numbers & fashion trends and travel the world to bring them to the customer! Since then, I’ve chosen to focus on thrifting, refashioning, and making my own clothes from scratch. Creating colorful & graphic clothing that fits my shape to a T is so satisfying!

From personal sewing, I’ve expanded into costuming & teaching – as well as other fiber arts like painting, collaging, and printing. Sewing is a solo practice, so I cherish times I collaborate with others - from seeing outlandish costumes I’ve made on stage, to partnering with individuals to design pieces for just for them, it’s all really enjoyable!  Soooo…… LET’S COLLABORATE! Come to a workshop, let’s design a dream wardrobe piece for you, or let’s tackle a sewing project together!

High Five!






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